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Last update: 2023-07-28
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Users that have administrative access to the Adobe Commerce on cloud infrastructure project can use the following project environment variables to override the configuration settings for the administrative user account to access the Admin UI.

Admin credentials

You can override Admin user credentials during Commerce installation with the ADMIN variables in the following table.

If you want to change the values after installation, connect to your environment using SSH and use the Adobe Commerce CLI admin:user command to create or edit the Admin user credentials.

Variable Default Description
ADMIN_USERNAME License Owner email address A username for the administrative user with the ability to create other users, including administrative users.
ADMIN_EMAIL Email address for the administrative user. This address is used to send password reset notifications.
ADMIN_PASSWORD Password for the administrative user. When the project is created, a random password is generated and an email is sent to the License Owner. During project creation, the License Owner should have already changed the password. Contact the License Owner for the updated password.
ADMIN_LOCALE en_US The default locale used by the Admin.

Admin URL

Use the following environment variable to secure access to your Admin UI. If specified, this value overrides the default URL during installation.

ADMIN_URL—The relative URL to access the Admin UI. The default URL is /admin. For security reasons, Adobe recommends that you change the default to a unique, custom Admin URL that is not easy to guess.

Change the Admin URL

Adobe recommends changing the environment-level variable for the Admin URL after installation. Configure this setting for security reasons before branching from the cloned master environment. All branches created from the master branch inherit the environment-level variables and their values.

Use the magento-cloud variable:update command to update the variable value. (The variable:set command has been deprecated and is not available.) The following example updates the ADMIN_URL to newAdmin_A8v10:

magento-cloud variable:update ADMIN_URL --value newAdmin_A8v10 -e master

The ADMIN_URL value accepts letters (a-z or A-Z), numbers (0-9), and the underscore character (_) for a custom admin path. Spaces or other characters are not accepted.

To change the URL using the Project Web Interface:

  1. Log in to the Project Web Interface.

  2. In the Project dashboard, select the environment and click Configure environment.

    Project without code

  3. Select the Variables tab.

  4. Click Add Variable.

  5. Enter the following:

    • Name = ADMIN_URL
    • Value = New URL. For example, set the Admin URL to magento_A8v10.

    By default, Enabled and Inheritable by child environments are selected.

  6. Click Add variable and wait until deployment completes.

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