Complete Sales Channel Setup

Last update: 2023-07-21
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After you connect a Commerce store to Walmart Marketplace, complete store setup from the Channel Manager home page.

  1. From the Admin, select Marketing > Channel Manager.

    Manage Channel Manager Stores
  2. Open the sales channel store by selecting the eye icon for the store.

  3. Begin sales channel operations.

After you create the sales channel and match products to Walmart Marketplace, you can manage all product listing, inventory, price, order, shipping, cancellation, return, and refund operations from Commerce. Listing, inventory, pricing, and order data is synchronized automatically from Commerce to Walmart Marketplace. To prevent conflicts or discrepancies between Commerce and Walmart Marketplace updates, do not update product or order data for Commerce products from the Walmart Marketplace account.


If Channel Manager returns errors during order processing, you can complete order, shipping, or cancellation operations from the Walmart Marketplace. See Fix order errors.

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