Cancel an unshipped Amazon order

Last update: 2023-07-24
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Amazon orders can only be canceled if they are in an Unshipped status. If the order is pending or partially shipped (unshipped), the order can only be canceled through your Amazon Seller Central account. If the item has been shipped, returns and exchanges must also be handled in your Amazon Seller Central Account.


For tasks other than cancelling an order:

Cancel an order in Unshipped status

  1. Click View Store on the store card.

  2. In the Recent Orders section of the store dashboard, click an order number.

    The Amazon Order Details page appears.

  3. Click Cancel Order in the header bar.

    This option only appears for orders in Unshipped status.

  4. For Reason for cancellation, choose an option.

  5. Click Confirm.

    The order is canceled, and the status is updated to Canceled in the order details.

The cancellation notification is sent to your Amazon Seller Central account, and the customer associated with the order is also notified. The status of the corresponding Commerce order, if any, changes to Complete.

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