Data Management Dashboard

Last update: 2024-02-22
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The Data Management Dashboard provides insight into data streams for Adobe Commerce SaaS products. Users of Live Search, Product Recommendations, and Catalog Service can view product sync statuses and resync data from a single dashboard.

The Data Management Dashboard is located at System > Data Transfer > Data Management Dashboard.

Data Management Dashboard


The Settings button on the right side of the page opens the dialog where you can resynchronize the catalog data.

Resynching catalog data forces the service to refetch data from the Commerce database. This action is usually used during the first-time onboarding when the catalog sync has not run for a couple of hours.

Sync status

The Sync status panel reports the number of products that have been synced within the last three hours. If you make infrequent updates to your catalog, this value is frequently zero. Click Refresh to refresh the count.

Product count

The product count panel reflects the total number of catalog products available to the service.

The Product Recommendations and Live Search dashboards display the total number of displayable products. Catalog Service does not filter products by displayable, so if you have both Catalog Service and Live Search or Product Recommendations installed, it is possible for the two dashboards to show two different values for the product count.

Synced products

The Synced Products table provides details about the products in the index. By default, this table is sorted by ‘Last Updated’.

To find a specific product, use the Search by SKU field .
To control what columns are displayed, click Customize Table on the right of the table.

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