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It is a best practice to keep your Commerce installation up to date, so you can benefit from the latest fixes, improvements, and advancements. Release notes provide a detailed description of the changes in each product release, with links to additional technical information, installation instructions, and support resources. To learn more about the current releases, see:

Magento Open Source Magento Open Source 2.4.5 Release Notes

Adobe Commerce Adobe Commerce 2.4.5 Release Notes


To download and install the latest 2.4.x release on your own infrastructure, see the Installation and Configuration information in the developer documentation. To deploy the latest 2.4.x release on the Adobe cloud infrastructure, see the Cloud for Adobe Commerce guide.

The Installation Guide provides information on installing Adobe Commerce. Reviewing the following information is recommended:

Commerce modes

Your Commerce installation can be deployed to run in either production or developer mode. Some tools and configuration settings are designed specifically for developers, and can be accessed only while the store is running in developer mode.

Most topics in this guide apply to a Commerce installation that is running in production mode. See the Developer section of the Advanced configuration settings page for more information.

The Commerce mode can be changed only from the command line of the server by a user with appropriate permissions. See Set the Mode in the developer documentation for more information.

2.3.x documentation

The Commerce 2.3 User Guide remains available on the domain until it reaches end of life/end of support.

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