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Last update: 2023-11-29
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3-D Secure was developed by Visa to promote secure online transactions. Examples of 3-D Secure solutions created by card networks are verified by Visa, Mastercard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey, and CardinalCommerce Consumer Authentication. CardinalCommerce is a global leader in digital transaction authentication, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa.

3-D Secure version 2.0 supports numerous enhancements, including advanced authentication methods and authentication flow, and improved data sharing between merchant and issuer.


The Braintree payment gateway also supports 3-D Secure verification.

To access the store configuration settings, choose Stores > Settings > Configuration from the Admin sidebar.



Field Scope Description
Environment Website Indicates the operating mode of your CardinalCommerce account. If you are running in a test environment, choose ‘Sandbox’. Options: Sandbox / Production (Default)
Org Unit ID Website The Org Unit ID from your CardinalCommerce merchant account.
API Key Website The API Key from your CardinalCommerce merchant account.
API Identifier Website The API Identifier from your CardinalCommerce merchant account.
Debug Website Options: Yes / No

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