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Last update: 2023-11-21
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Administrators can build a Company Hierarchy by assigning related companies to a designated parent company, which is the company at the top of the organizational hierarchy.

Create a parent company by editing a company that has not been assigned to an existing Company Hierarchy, and assigning related companies.

Company Hierarchy Grid

After a company has been assigned to a hierarchy, the Company type column in the Companies grid identifies the company as a Parent or Child company. If the Company Type is Company, the company is not part of a company hierarchy and is eligible to become a parent company, or to be assigned to an existing parent company.


For details about the Company Hierarchy grid, see Company Hierarchy field descriptions.

In the Admin, you manage company assignments by editing a company, and then using the Company Hierarchy section of the Company page to assign or unassign companies.

Assign companies to a parent company

  1. On the Admin sidebar, navigate to Customers > Companies.

    Companies Grid
  2. In the Companies grid, open the company detail page to create the assignments.

    • To assign additional companies to an existing parent company, select the Edit action for the parent company.

    • To create a new parent company, select the Edit action for the company designated as the parent.

      You cannot create a new parent company from an existing parent or child company.

    New Company
  3. On the Company detail page, expand the Company Hierarchy dropdown, and select Assign Companies.

    New Company

    When you expand this view, you can see existing company assignments, if any exist. The parent company always appear on top of the Company Hierarchy grid with a current company indicator shown in the company line being edited.

  4. Companies available for assignment are listed in the grid. Select the companies to assign, then select Assign Selected Companies.

  5. You can Select All on This Page or one specific company line item and click Assign Selected Companies.

    New Company
  6. When prompted, complete the company assignment by selecting Assign.

Unassign companies from a parent company

  1. On the Admin sidebar, navigate to Customers > Companies.

    Companies Grid
  2. On the Companies page, open the company detail page for the parent company by selecting the Edit action.

    New Company
  3. View the list of assigned companies by expanding the Company Hierarchy dropdown.

  4. From the company hierarchy grid, unassign a company by selecting the Select action for the company, and then choose Unassign from parent.

    New Company
  5. When prompted, remove the assigned company from the hierarchy by selecting Unassign.

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