Renew your Adobe Experience Manager certification

Your Adobe certification is valid for two years. If you are nearing this two-year mark, it’s time to renew your certification to keep it active.

First, select the appropriate level on the tab below (Professional, Expert, or Master). Then carefully review what you’ll need to do to renew your certification.

Be sure that you provide ample time to complete all the requirements before your certification expires.

It’s important to note that if your certification expires, you’ll have to retake the certification exam, which is NOT free of charge.


The following course assessment links will function only after a successful login to the Adobe Credential Management System.


Professional renewal coming soon.

You should be currently certified (not expired) in:

  • Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert
  • Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner Expert
  • Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master
  • Adobe Experience Manager Assets Developer Expert
  • Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer Expert
  • Adobe Experience Manager Forms Developer Expert

Instructions for renewing your Adobe Experience Manager certification

Select three activities to complete and pass the course assessments associated with each.

  • Step 1: Successfully log in to Adobe Credential Management System, then return to this page
  • Step 2: Study the courses in Experience League
  • Step 3: Complete and pass each course assessment with at least 80%

Alternatively, study two courses, pass two course assessments and submit a customer reference form validating your engagement in a project totaling 100 hours in the past 12 months.

For certain Adobe Experience Cloud certifications, the Adobe Credential Program accepts customer references that validate your continued work as an Adobe certified individual leading, managing and/or participating on an Adobe Experience Cloud implementation project.

In these cases you can provide a customer reference affirming you have participated in at least 100 hours of demonstrated project engagement during your certification renewal 2-year interval.

Once your customer reference has been reviewed you will be notified by the Adobe Credential Team.

The course assessments are free. There is no need to schedule them, and they are not proctored. If you hold multiple Adobe Experience Manager Expert and Master level certifications, you will only need to complete the requirements below and all your AEM certifications at this level, will get renewed.

Customer Reference Form for Adobe Experience Manager

Courses and course assessments for expert and master:

Course Course Assessment
Moving to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service ADR-EA101
Planning Your Move to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service ADR-EA102
Introduction to Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service ADR-EA103
Headless content management using GraphQL APIs ADR-EA104
Personalize Experiences with Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Target ADR-EA105
Integrate Experience Manager Forms Cloud Service with Salesforce ADR-EA106
Adobe Experience Manager Cloud Manager Skill Builder ADR-EA107
Adobe Experience Manager Sites for Architects ADR-EA108

You can repeat until you have successfully completed three activities or completed two activities, plus the customer reference form.


View the certification FAQ.

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