Exam AD0-E126

Certification journey for Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner Professional

Learn how to become a certified Adobe Experience Manager Business Practitioner Professional.

Minimum experience

You should have:

  • At least 0-12 months’ of experience using and configuring Adobe Cloud Manager
  • At least 0-12 months’ of experience with AEM features and capabilities needed to engage developers to find business solutions
  • At least 0-12 months’ of experience configuring, implementing, and managing Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment tasks

If you’re comfortable working in Adobe Managed Services and Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service, and are able to set up Adobe Experience Manager environments and infrastructure.

Additionally, you should have:

  • The ability use AEM products to manage content to drive digital experiences
  • An understanding of what modules are present
  • A deeper insight into modules such as Sites, Assets, and Forms

Your certification is valid for two years from when you pass. We recommend taking the newer version when possible, because it covers newer product capabilities.

Intended audience:

  • Solution consultant
  • Consumer experience
  • Product owner for a solution being designed and implemented, business analyst, solution architect

Exam details:

  • Level: Professional (0-12 months’ experience)
  • Passing Score: 33/50
  • Time: 110 mins
  • Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access)
  • Available languages: English
  • Cost: $125 (global) / $95 (India)
  • Exam ID: AD0-E126

Exam objectives and scope

Section 1: Education (22%)

  • Identify AEM features and capabilities
  • Describe AEM features that meet business needs
  • Describe procedural concepts necessary to conduct training for content editors

Section 2: Architecture (22%)

  • Identify information architecture appropriate to meet business needs using either on-prem or Adobe hosted (Cloud) environment
  • Describe how AEM connects with third-party services
  • Identify where to define roles and permissions
  • Given a scenario, define available caching approaches

Section 3: Business Analysis (43%)

  • Given a scenario, identify standard modules of AEM that address customer business problems
  • Identify content management concepts for AEM modules
  • Identify typical project stakeholders
  • Identify realistic collaboration scenarios between involved teams
  • Given a scenario, describe a correct approach to meet business goals while remaining within budget and/or scope
  • Identify ways to connect business goals with the development team

Section 4: Setup and implementation (13%)

  • Identify best AEM practices to use content components

  • Given a scenario, identify the correct implementation of a feature

You are not required to complete training before taking the exam, and training alone will not provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam. A combination of training and successful, on-the-job experience are critical to providing you with the repository needed to pass the exam.

Here are some suggested resources to help you prepare:

Sample questions

The sample questions allow you to see the type and format of items that you will encounter in the actual exam. There is no sign-on needed. The results of the sample questions are not stored, and do not predict your actual test results.

See sample questions

Section 1: Education

Section 2: Architecture

Section 3: Business analysis

Section 4: Setup and implementation


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