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Certification journey for Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master


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Learn how to become a certified Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master.

Minimum experience

You should have:

  • At least 3 years of experience as an architect building AEM Sites
  • The ability to work in Adobe Managed Services and Adobe Experience Manager as a Cloud Service
  • The ability to set up Adobe Experience Manager environments and infrastructure

Additionally, you should have the ability to perform the following tasks:

  • Design a software change process for customers (on-prem and cloud)
  • Define a content model for content/assets that can accommodate future requirements
  • Defines the necessary templates and components based on business requirements
  • Identify when to use out-of-the-box/functionality/core components versus custom components
  • Design caching, load balancing and security strategies (dispatcher, firewall, CDN,)
  • Provide high-level effort estimations for initial set up and feature delivery
  • Establish the function and use cases of internationalization
  • Define strategies to support multi-site and multi-language
  • Determine correct configuration mechanisms for software modules
  • Integrate third-party and Adobe products with AEM
  • Define migration and upgrade strategies (products and content)
  • Understand deployment methodologies (content and code)
  • Create and deliver infrastructure/deployment diagrams
  • Determine information models to use with AEM applications
  • Define authentication and authorization security models and concepts
  • Determine persistence models based on customers’ requirements (binary storage, deployment scenario, and so on)
  • Design workflow models for business processes
  • Establish strategies for platform performance and penetration/security testing
  • Reuse content across multiple channels
  • Account for cloud-focused considerations, such as: Auto-scaling, Replication, Asset management, the implications and differences between on-premises and managed services, Cloud Manager, Package management

Your certification is valid for two years from when you pass. We recommend taking the newer version when possible, because it covers newer product capabilities.

Intended audience:

  • AEM Architects
  • Lead Developers
  • Technical Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Dev/Ops Lead Engineers

Exam details:

  • Level: Master (3-5 years’ experience)
  • Passing Score: 29/50
  • Time: 100 mins
  • Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access) or test center proctored
  • Available languages: English, Japanese
  • Cost: $225 (global) / $150 (India)
  • Exam ID: AD0-E117

Readiness self assessment

Complete the online readiness questionnaire to see if your current experience matches the recommended minimum candidate qualification.

Exam objectives and scope

Section 1: Discovery (18%)

  • Translate high-level business goals to functional requirements
  • Given a scenario, assess the current state of an architecture
  • Determine non-functional technical requirements for solution design

Section 2: Solution design (44%)

  • Given business requirements, design detailed architecture and solution
  • Given a scenario, determine appropriate security solutions for a design
  • Apply procedural concepts to incorporate integration requirements into a solution design
  • Determine which types of performance and testing requirements should be included in a solution
  • Apply procedural concepts for designing scalable and resilient architecture
  • Given a scenario, recommend migration strategies

Section 3: Implementation (22%)

  • Given a scenario, identify and resolve design issues revealed during implementation stage
  • Given a scenario, recommend implementation approaches based on requirements
  • Determine appropriate methods to use to prototype solutions for proof of concepts
  • Given a scenario, diagnose and resolve issues encountered during implementation

Section 4: Maintenance (16%)

  • Given a scenario, diagnose and resolve issues encountered in production environment

  • Apply procedural concepts to plan for use of new features and upgrades

  • Given a scenario, optimize solution for non-functional requirements

You are not required to complete training before taking the exam, and training alone will not provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam. A combination of training and successful, on-the-job experience are critical to providing you with the repository needed to pass the exam.

Here are some suggested resources to help you prepare:

Sample questions

The sample questions allow you to see the type and format of items that you will encounter in the actual exam. There is no sign-on needed. The results of the sample questions are not stored, and do not predict your actual test results.

See sample questions

Section 1: Discovery

Section 2: Solution design

Section 3: Implementation

Section 4: Asset types


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This exam (AD0-E117) is undergoing maintenance and is temporarily unavailable. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Sign up to be notified when it is available again.

Questions? See our FAQ at the bottom of this page.


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FAQ for Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master Exam (AD0-E117)

The certification exam AD0-E117 is undergoing maintenance and is temporarily unavailable. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience. Sign up to be notified when it is available again.

What happens if I already scheduled my exam?

All scheduled AD0-E117 exams have been canceled. Candidates who are affected will need to schedule the exam again when the new version is available.

I already paid for the exam. Will I receive a refund?

  • If you paid for your exam with a credit card via Examity, you will be fully refunded.
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  • If your voucher expires before you can use it, we will issue you a new voucher once you are ready to schedule.

I need to renew my certification prior to October; will this impact my renewal?

No. You will be able to renew via continuous learning. Make sure to follow the instructions and process provided under Renew your certification.

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