Renew your Adobe Campaign Classic certification

Your Adobe certification is valid for two years. If you are nearing this two-year mark, it’s time to renew your certification to keep it active.

First, select the appropriate level on the tab below (Professional, Expert, or Master). Then carefully review what you’ll need to do to renew your certification.

Be sure that you provide ample time to complete all the requirements before your certification expires.

It’s important to note that if your certification expires, you’ll have to retake the certification exam, which is NOT free of charge.


The following sections and links will function only after a successful login to the Adobe Credential Management System.


The Professional renewal is in development. Those whose certifications are expiring will receive an extension so that they can still make use of this free renewal method when it is available.

You should be currently certified (not expired) in:

  • Adobe Campaign Classic Developer expert
  • Adobe Campaign Classic Business Practitioner expert
  • Adobe Campaign Classic Architect master

How to renew your certification:

  • Step 1: Successfully log in to Adobe Credential Management System, then return to this page
  • Step 2: Review the exam objectives and resources
  • Step 3: Take and pass the exam

Get ready

Exam details

  • Passing Score: 42/55
  • Time: 110 mins
  • Cost: FREE/non-proctored
  • Delivery: On-demand
  • Available languages: English
  • Prerequisite: current (not expired) Adobe Campaign Classic expert and/or master certification
  • Exam ID: AD5-E823

Scope and objectives

Section 1: Installation and system configuration (23%)

  • Given a scenario, determine which options should be used (i.e., moving things from stage to production)
  • Ability to use Packages to migrate between instances
  • Explain how deployment Wizard settings impact deliverability
  • Outline the underlying infrastructure of the hosting model available for Adobe Campaign Classic v8
  • Describe commonly used OOTB functions
  • Explain integration with other Adobe Experience Cloud products
  • Explain integration using standard external accounts

Section 2: Customization (18%)

  • Describe best practices for using SQL functions in Adobe Campaign
  • Describe best practices for developing with JavaScript in Adobe Campaign
  • Given a set of requirements, apply best practices around a data model
  • Describe the requirements and processes for access management
  • Describe folder structure management

Section 3: Data architecture (22%)

  • Identify the data storage differences in v8
  • Identify the built-in workflows that synchronize local data to Snowflake
  • Explain when to use staging tables vs direct writes to Snowflake
  • Identify the new API commands in Batch processing and when/how to use
  • Given a scenario, explain how to create custom schemas (how to use other schemas as template, sys filters, locking down data, links)
  • Explain the integration between different solutions and Campaign such as Adobe Experience Platform and Journey Optimizer

Section 4: Campaign, workflow, delivery, and reporting (37%)

  • Apply best practices to build a campaign
  • Given a scenario, analyze workflow errors
  • Given a scenario, analyze delivery errors around target mapping
  • Describe workflow practices that have a negative impact on performance
  • Given a use case, recommend targeting workflow design
  • Apply delivery and approval settings
  • Given a scenario, determine the appropriate report(s) to generate
  • Given a scenario, select the best approach to integrate with external data sources
  • Apply data integration techniques within a workflow
  • Describe functionality in the workflow activity palette
  • Troubleshoot or configure an instance using Control Panel

Get prepped

You are not required to complete training before taking the exam, and training alone will not provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam. A combination of training and successful, on-the-job experience are critical to providing you with the repository needed to pass the exam.

Here are some suggested resources to help you prepare:

Section 1: Installation and system configuration

Section 2: Customization

Section 3: Data architecture

Section 4: Campaign, workflow, delivery, and reporting

Renew your certification

Ensure that you have followed step 1 above, and successfully logged in to Adobe Credential Management System first. Then, to renew your certification, click the Campaign Classic renewal - AD5-823 link below.

Take the Adobe Campaign Classic renewal for Business Practitioner, Developer and Architect exam now - AD5-823


This exam is free, open book, and un-proctored. You may take the exam up to three times. If you are unsuccessful after the third attempt, you must wait 30 days to try again. Failure to comply might result in your certification being revoked.


View the certification FAQ.

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