Exam AD0-E213

Certification journey for Adobe Analytics Developer Professional

Learn how to become a certified Analytics Developer Professional.

Minimum experience

You should have:

  • 6-12 months’ experience in Adobe Analytics implementation (web and mobile app)
  • Experience acting as a player supporting Analytics Implementation teams in bridging between IT and the business to understand how business requirements translate into a technical solution (SDR), and based on requirements provided by the analyst
  • Understanding of which type of variable is needed, where and how to collect the data, design the data model (data layer), configure, and maintain the tag management solution

Experience with the following tasks:

  • Interpreting a Solutions Design Document (SDR) and understand the purpose of all Adobe Analytics variables collected
  • Understanding and work with Adobe (Experience Platform) Launch
  • Understanding configuration of baseline Adobe Analytics dimensions and events Page Name, Link Name, Activity Map, and so on, but will work with expert developers for more customer implementations - Variable mapping is still owned by Expert level developers
  • Creating and configuring rules within Launch following the design provided by an AA expert
  • Testing and validating the data being captured in variable and events firing by leveraging web console debuggers or mobile app systems like charles logs
  • Understanding what a data layer is and knows how to read a JavaScript object
  • Sharing reports, segments, and the process to request access, but not how to manage user groups, governance protocols, as well as manage the SDR
  • Providing guidance and configure mobile/SDK solution
  • Understanding general framework behind Video tracking (event-based) given knowledge base documentation
  • Performing basic reporting from Analysis Workspace and understanding the data outputs available from the Adobe Analytics Data Warehouse
  • Basic experience with Adobe Experience Platform Launch (Adobe Launch)

Your certification is valid for two years from when you pass. We recommend taking the newer version when possible, because it covers newer product capabilities.

Intended audience:

  • Implementation Specialists/Engineers
  • Developers
  • Architects

Exam details:

  • Level: Professional (0-12 months’ experience)
  • Passing Score: 31/50
  • Time: 100 mins
  • Delivery: Online proctored (requires camera access)
  • Available languages: English
  • Cost: $125 (global) and $950 (India)
  • Exam ID: AD0-E213

Exam objectives and scope

Section 1: Analytics in the Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem (14%)

  • Identify features and capabilities of Adobe Experience Cloud ID
  • Identify uses for Adobe Launch
  • Identify how to enable / support Adobe Analytics tags in the Adobe Experience Cloud Ecosystem

Section 2: Analytics strategy and design based on a solution design reference (12%)

  • Given a Solution Design Reference, identify which data objects have to be populated
  • Given a part of a Tech Spec document, identify how to implement the data capture

Section 3: Analytics implementation and configuration (30%)

  • Identify the steps to deploy Adobe Analytics Code
  • Identify functions of minimal deployment code for Analytics tracking
  • Identify the steps to configure various components within Adobe Analytics UI
  • Identify functions of Adobe Analytics report suite and variable settings
  • Identify the characteristics of a data layer and data layer values
  • Identify App Measurement functions for tracking features such as link tracking and e-commerce tracking

Section 4: Tag management systems (18%)

  • Identify if requirements have been met using tag audits
  • Identify the steps to configure website tagging with Adobe Launch
  • Given a scenario, identify how to enable, modify, and troubleshoot extensions in Adobe Launch
  • Identify how to create rules and data elements

Section 5: Mobile services and API (8%)

  • Identify the functions of Adobe Analytics API (data feed, warehouse, data sources, reports)
  • Identify the characteristics of processing rules and mobile services

Section 6: Testing, validation, and troubleshooting (18%)

  • Identify the meaning of common JavaScript errors

  • Identify the meaning of common Adobe Analytics variables errors

  • Given a scenario, identify testing and debugging validation best practices that should be followed

  • Identify how to track an Adobe Analytics server call across its lifecycle (i.e. from beacon request to showing up in the report)

You are not required to complete training before taking the exam, and training alone will not provide you with the knowledge and skills required to pass the exam. A combination of training and successful, on-the-job experience are critical to providing you with the repository needed to pass the exam.

Here are some suggested resources to help you prepare:

Sample questions

The sample questions allow you to see the type and format of items that you will encounter in the actual exam. There is no sign-on needed. The results of the sample questions are not stored, and do not predict your actual test results.

See sample questions

Section 1: Analytics in the Adobe Experience Cloud ecosystem

Section 2: Analytics strategy and design based on a solution design reference

Section 3: Analytics implementation and configuration

Section 4: Tag management systems

Section 5: Mobile services and API

Section 6: Testing, validation, and troubleshooting


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