Adobe certification FAQ

To learn more about the Adobe Certification program, refer to the frequently asked questions (FAQ) below.


 What is certification and what are the benefits?

Individual benefits: Certification is a credential that recognizes an individual’s skill and competency in an Adobe application. A candidate who passes the certification exam becomes an Adobe Certified Professional, Expert, or Master.

Certifications require commitment, are legally defensible, and validation from Adobe of your expertise. You can also feature your certification on your social profiles by downloading your badge from Credly.

To learn more about how to manage your badges in Credly, go HERE.

 How do I know which exam to take?

Certifications are role-based, which means there are multiple exams available. Review the certification journey pages to choose which exam to take. You will choose the exam by:

  • Application: for example, Adobe Analytics or Marketo Engage
  • Role: for example, developer or business practitioner
  • Level: for example, Professional, 0-12 months of experience; or Expert 1-3 years

Sometimes there are multiple versions of an exam. It’s best to take the latest version.

  • If an exam is retiring, you will see a note on the certification journey page. This means that this exam version will soon be removed because a new version of the exam is available. We encourage candidates to take the most recent version, but you can take the retiring version if you feel more prepared to take it. Either way, your certification will last for two years.
  • If your current certification is about to expire, you should renew it. Renewal options have fewer questions, and are FREE. These options cover the most recent application capabilities. If your certification expires, you’ll have to take the latest version of the certification exam, which you would pay for. Learn more about renewal options.
 What if I have technical issues during my proctored exam?

Examity has support available by chat, email, and phone. Adobe support can’t help with technical issues that occur during the exam.

Examity Support:

The quickest help resource is through their chat. All test candidates should ensure their computer has the proper system requirements before taking their exam.

For more details, see the Examity page for managing exams and technical setup.

 Who can I can I contact with certification questions or problems?

For questions about exam registration, exam payments, test delivery, testing centers, comments on exams, exam questions, testing experience, test accommodations, or questions about the certification portal, reach out to

 Can Adobe accommodate candidates with special requirements?

Adobe can accommodate certain special requirements. If you need additional time to complete your exam or another accommodation, please contact with your request.

Your request must be sent 2 weeks before your exam schedule.

 When can I attempt the certification exam again if I fail?

To obtain or keep your Adobe Certified status, you’ll need to pass the most recent certification exam by retaking it. It is recommended that you allow sufficient time to account for potential retakes before your certification expires.

For candidates who fail the Adobe certification exam on their first attempt, they must wait at least 24 hours before attempting it again. If they fail on the second or any subsequent attempt, a waiting period of 14 calendar days is required before they can retake the exam. Each attempt incurs a separate exam fee.

 How can I get a copy of my score report?
  • Step 1: Log in to the Adobe Credential Management System, CertMetrics. Sign in using your ID or email address and password.
  • Step 2: Click Transcripts.
  • Step 3: Scroll through your transcript history and select the report you’d like to view. You can have the report emailed to you or view it onscreen.
 How do I track my certification status?

You can track your certification status by going to Adobe Credential Management System under the certifications tab.

 What do I get after I pass the certification exam?

After you complete your exam, your results will immediately be displayed on-screen. Within 72 hours, you will get an email confirmation of your score from CertMetrics, with a PDF of your certificate. You can access logos from your CertMetrics account that show your certification status and can be used on your website, email, signature, business card, social profiles, and so on.

 How do I sign in to or create an Adobe Credential Management/Certmetrics account?

You can sign in to or create an account here. There you view the available exams, your exam history, certification expiration dates, and any benefits, such as discounts, available to you.

 How long do certifications last?

Because we need to ensure our Adobe certified individuals are current on new application features and capabilities, Adobe Certifications are valid for two years.

 Are exams available in languages other than English?

Some exams are available in Japanese. If the exam is available in Japanese, it will be noted in the exam details for that exam. The exams details are found on the “Get ready” tab of the certification journey pages.

 Do you offer certifications at Adobe events?

Certifications are offered at certain Adobe‐sponsored events.

 Are certifications tied to specific versions of applications (for example, Adobe Experience Manager 6.5)?

Not directly, no. But because certification will now require renewal every 2 years, your certification ensures that you remain current on the latest version of an Adobe application.

 What is certification renewal? How do I renew my certification?

Adobe certifications expire after two years. You can renew your certification by taking and passing the latest version of the applicable Adobe certification exam.

You have two options:

  • Take the regular certification exam
  • Take the renewal exam–a shorter exam that focuses on the newest solution capabilities as well as the things you already know.

You can’t take a renewal exam if you don’t have the original certification or if your certification has expired.

Occasionally, we retire an exam for a role. In that case, your certification will last for two years, then that certification will expire. For example, we no longer offer the Lead/Dev Ops certification, so that certification will expire without a replacement exam.

 What happens if I don't renew my certification before it expires?

Your certification will expire and will show as expired in Credly and any of your social profiles. Also, if your certification expires, then you can’t take the shorter renewal exam or renew via continuous learning.

To learn more about how to manage your badges in Credly, go HERE.

 What is the cost to renew my certification?

You can renew your certification free of charge. This provides you with a cost-effective way to maintain your certification, and keep your solution skills up to date.

To learn more about How to Renew Your Certification, go here.

 Where can I see my certification expiration date? Will I get a notice?

Sign in to Adobe Credential Management System. There you can see when you achieved your credential and when it will expire. You should also check your profile and confirm that your contact, secondary email and job information are correct.

You will get an email notification one month before your certification expires. But if you have changed jobs and haven’t updated your email then you might not get notified. Add a secondary email (such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, and so on) in your CertMetrics account, so that you get a certification expiration reminder email, even if you change companies.

 Which exam do I need to take for my renewal?

To find out what exam you will need to take, log in to the Adobe Credential Management System using your Adobe ID, click Certifications, and select the certification name. The renewal exam is listed under requirement to stay current.

 When I renew my certification will I get a new digital badge?

No. Your digital badge will remain the same.

 Can I take the same exam I took for the initial certification to renew my certification?

No, it is not possible to retake the same exam for renewal once you have passed it for initial certification.

 What is Adobe's certification renewal program via continuous learning?

Adobe is offering continuous learning and engagement activities so candidates can remain active and extend their certification status for 2 more years. This is only offered for select applications.

 My certification has already expired; can I pursue the continuous learning and engagement activities for renewal?

No, this renewal option is only for Adobe’s actively certified Analytics, Experience Manager, Commerce, and Target candidates.

 Which certifications offer continuous learning and engagement activities for renewal?

Presently this program involves Analytics, Experience Manager, Commerce, and Target. We will share the announcements via applicable channels as and when we expand it for other certifications.

 What continuous learning and engagement activities are part of the certification renewal program?

Candidates will be offered 5 to 7 on-demand courses to review. The criterion to renew certification will be to pass any 3 assessments based on the courses OR pass 2 assessments and submit a signed customer reference form.

 What is a customer reference form in context of certification renewals?

A form that a candidate can submit as part of Adobe’s continuous learning and engagement activities for renewal of their certification. The form must be signed by a customer, stating that the candidate has spent a minimum of 100 hours on a project within the last 12 months related to the product for which they are renewing their certification. By including this option as part of the certification renewal requirements, we want to recognize your continued engagement as a way of validating your skills and knowledge so your certification remains active.

 Is there a fee involved to pursue certification renewal via continuous learning and engagement activities?

No. All the activities are accessible via Adobe Credential Manager at no cost.

 Do I have to pass assessments and also submit a customer reference form?

No, submitting a customer reference form is optional and one of the activities that candidates can complete to renew their certification. For example, Adobe Analytics certification renewal requires completing a minimum of 3 activities from a given list. The list includes passing 6 assessments and submitting a customer reference form. Candidate can pass 2 assessments and submit a customer reference form thereby meeting the minimum 3 requirements for renewal.

 I hold three certifications in one solution. Do I need to complete the requirements for each certification?

No, you only need to complete the requirements listed for the solution. Your certification/s will be renewed after completing the required activities and submitting the results to the Adobe Credential Manager. For example, if you hold multiple certifications in Adobe Analytics as a Business Practitioner, Developer, and an Architect, you only need to complete 3 activities to meet renewal requirements for all certifications to be renewed.

 Do I need to review the courses, or can I simply start taking assessments?

The assessments are based on the Courses in Experience League and reviewing them will prepare candidates to successfully pass them. However, the key requirement for renewal is just to pass the Assessments.

Program Overview

 What is the Adobe Certification Restart Program?

The Adobe Certification Restart Program is a one-time initiative that allows individuals to re-attain their expired Adobe certifications by passing online short exams or assessments, free of cost.

 How long will the Restart Program run?

The program will run for six months, from April 24 to October 20, 2023.

 Will Adobe be offering this type of program again in the future?

Currently, we do not plan to offer this again. This is a one-time offering only.

 Which certification levels are included in the Restart Program?

Only Expert and Master level certifications are being included in the Restart Program. Professional level certifications will have a renewal path available starting June 2023.

Program Eligibility

 Who is eligible for the Adobe Certification Restart Program?

Individuals whose certifications expired from 2020 through April 23, 2023, are eligible for the Restart Program, provided the certification they seek is included in the program (see the Eligible Certification Exams list below).

 Why aren't all certification exams released over the years included in the Restart program?

Exams released prior to 2019 are excluded from the Restart program.

 Why is April 23, 2023, the cut-off date for Restart Program eligibility?

Because it allows individuals who were not able to participate in the FREE certification renewal period (launched on January 23, 2023) sufficient time to renew their certifications.

 Which certifications are part of the Adobe Certification Restart Program?

All active Adobe certifications, except for those that have retired, are part of the program.

 Can you show a list of eligible exams by application?

Adobe Experience Manager

Exam ID Exam Name
AD0-E121 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner Expert
AD0-E102 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Business Practitioner Expert
AD0-E103 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert
AD0-E116 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Developer Expert
AD0-E106 Adobe Experience Manager Dev/Ops Engineer Expert
AD0-E117 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master
AD0-E104 Adobe Experience Manager Sites Architect Master

Adobe Analytics

Exam ID Exam Name
AD0-E201 Adobe Analytics Developer Expert
AD0-E202 Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner Expert
AD0-E200 Adobe Analytics Architect Master
AD0-E207 Adobe Analytics Architect Master

Adobe Audience Manager

Exam ID Exam Name
AD0-E454 Adobe Audience Manager Architect Master
AD0-E452 Adobe Audience Manager Architect Master
AD0-E453 Adobe Audience Manager Business Practitioner Expert

Adobe Campaign Classic

Exam ID Exam Name
AD0-E300 Adobe Campaign Classic Sites Business Practitioner Expert
AD0-E314 Adobe Campaign Classic Sites Business Practitioner Expert
AD0-E318 Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master
AD0-E303 Adobe Campaign Classic Architect Master
AD0-E312 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert
AD0-E308 Adobe Campaign Classic Developer Expert

Adobe Campaign Standard

Exam ID Exam Name
AD0-E307 Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner Expert
AD0-E302 Adobe Campaign Standard Business Practitioner Expert
AD0-E306 Adobe Campaign Standard Developer Expert
AD0-E301 Adobe Campaign Standard Developer Expert

Adobe Marketo Engage

Exam ID Exam Name
AD0-E552 Adobe Marketo Engage Business Practitioner (previously MCE)

Adobe Target

Exam ID Exam Name
AD0-E401 Adobe Target Business Practitioner Expert
AD0-E402 Adobe Target Architect Master
 My Certification expires between April 24 and October 20, 2023, while this program is available., Can I pursue the Restart program for my certification once it expires?

No. All candidates with active certifications as of the launch date and beyond have the option to pursue the continuous learning renewal path we announced in January 2023.

The Restart Program is meant only for certifications that expired prior to April 24, 2023, in order to offer certification to candidates who couldn’t partake in the continuous learning program.

Marketo Engage Solution Architect (MCSA) and Adobe Commerce

 I have an expired Marketo Certified Solution Architect (MCSA). Can I re-instate that through this Program?

Candidates with an expired Marketo Certified Solution Architect Certification may pursue the Marketo Business Practitioner Restart path for partial requirement towards the new Marketo Engage Architect certification.

Final requirement is to pass the new Marketo Engage Architect exam. For all MCSA expired certificate holders, we are running a 50% discount promotion until Dec 31, 2023, please contact certification support for details.

 Why are Adobe Commerce Certifications not part of Adobe Certification Restart Program?

There are no expired certificate holders for currently offered Adobe Commerce Certifications as of April 23, 2023. Therefore, all active Adobe Commerce Certified candidates have the option to renew through the continuous learning renewal path for certification.

Adobe Credential Manager Profile

 Why do I see Participation under the history section of my Profile in the Adobe Credential Manager?

This is to mark your eligibility for the Adobe Certification Restart program. Candidates who have been assigned this participation can complete the requirements to restart their expired certification, in each application.

 I have completed the requirements and do not see the results in my profile history, when will I get the Certificate?

The certification will be awarded within 72 hours after completing the requirements. It is important to note that this program will only award certification for eligible candidates.

 What should I do if my certification still shows as expired even after completing the restart requirements?

Unfortunately, once a certification has expired, it cannot be extended. In such cases, a new certification is issued instead of renewing the old one.

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