Customize Campaign UI

Customize your lists

Learn how to add columns, count records, configure your lists and share your list settings in Campaign Classic v7 documentation.

Learn how to create filters in this page.

Customize Campaign Explorer

You can add folders to Campaign Explorer, create views and assign permissions.

Learn how to manage folders and views in this page

Customize your enumerations

You can select values from drop-down lists in Campaign user interface. Values available in these lists are managed in enumerations.

Enumerations are managed by your Campaign Administrator via the Administration > Platform > Enumerations folder of Campaign Explorer.

For each enumeration, values are displayed in a drop-down list from which the user can select the value.

For Open enumerations, the user can also enter the first characters in the value, and possible values are displayed.

Learn how to access and configure your enumerations in Campaign Classic v7 documentation.

Default units

In the fields that express a duration (e.g. validity period of the resources of a delivery, approval deadline for a task, etc.), the value can be expressed in the following units:

  • s for seconds,
  • mn for minutes,
  • h for hours,
  • d for days.

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