Get Started with Campaign APIs

Adobe Campaign comes with a set of Javascript functions which you can use:

  • in Scripts - in Adobe Campaign workflows
  • via APIs - from external systems

You can use JavaScript APIs to write in Campaign cloud database or read from the database:

Note that in its Enterprise (FFDA) deployment, Campaign works with two databases: a local database for the user interface real-time messaging and unitary queries and write through APIs, and a Cloud database for campaign execution, reporting, data ingestion, batch queries and workflow execution.


Adobe Campaign v8 comes with a limit on the throughput (TPS) of our API layer. Breaking the limit leads to standard HTTP error (429). As a Managed Cloud Services user, you can contact Adobe to adapt the throttling for each API.


Before using Adobe Campaign APIs, you need to be familliar with the following topics:

  • JavaScript
  • SOAP protocol
  • Adobe Campaign datamodel

In order to use APIs and interact with Adobe Campaign, you also must be familiar with your data model.


You can generate a complete description of your data model. Learn more in this page.

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