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In Adobe Campaign, users are operators and operator groups represent user roles.

An operator is an Adobe Campaign user who has permissions to log in and perform actions. By default, operators are stored in the Administration > Access management > Operators node.

Adobe Campaign comes with built-in operator groups such as Campaign Managers or Workflow Supervisors. All built-in groups are listed in Campaign Classic v7 documentation.

As a member of an operator group, a user has rights to perform operations, called ‘Named Rights’, and has access to data, which is contained in folders in the Explorer view. An operator can be a member of multiple operator groups: rights and access permissions are additive.

Named Rights grant permissions to:

  • Perform operations
    For example, the Analyze button in the Delivery editor is activated for members of the Delivery Operator group who have the Prepare Delivery Named Right

  • Access to folders
    Membership of Operator Groups can grant or restrict access rights to folders, by changing the security settings on folders. Learn more in Campaign Classic v7 documentation. For example it can impact: Write access to create new entities (such as deliveries, profiles, etc.), Read access to use entities, Delete access to delete entities.

Security zones

Each operator needs to be linked to a zone to log on to an instance and the operator IP must be included in the addresses or address sets defined in the security zone. Security zone configuration is carried out in the configuration file of the Adobe Campaign server.

Operators are linked to a security zone from its profile in the console, accessible in the Administration > Access management > Operators node.

As a Managed Cloud Services user, Adobe sets the security zones for you. For more information, contact Adobe.

Learn more in Campaign Classic v7 documentation

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