Connect Campaign with your solutions

You can connect your Campaign instance with Adobe Experience Cloud solutions to combine capabilities.

Adobe Campaign comes with several connectors that allow you to communicate with external applications, connect to database engines, share and synchronize data.

Leverage Adobe solutions

Modernize your implementation and leverage all Adobe Experience Cloud capabilities.

💬 As a Managed Cloud Services user, contact Adobe to connect Campaign with Adobe Experience Cloud services and solutions. You need to implement Adobe Identity Management Service (IMS). Learn more

Campaign v8 can connect with:

You can also combine your audiences and assets across Experience Cloud solutions with Asset sharing and Audience sharing capabilities.

↗️ Learn more about Audience sharing between Campaign and Experience Cloud solutions in Campaign Classic v7 documentation

↗️ Learn more about Asset sharing between Campaign and Experience Cloud solutions in Campaign Classic v7 documentation

CRM Connectors

You can connect your Adobe Campaign platform to your CRM third-party systems and synchronize data: contacts, accounts, purchases, etc.

Activate your CRM data on cross-channel communication: learn how to pass on contacts from your CRM system to Adobe Campaign, and share campaign data back from Adobe Campaign to your CRM system.
CRM connectors enable quick and easy data integration: Adobe Campaign provides a dedicated assistant for collecting and selecting from the tables available in the CRM. This guarantees two-directional synchronization to make sure data is up-to-date at all times throughout the systems.

💡 Learn how to integrate Campaign with Microsoft Dynamics 365 and in this page

Federated Data Access (FDA)

Use the FDA Connector (Federated Data Access) to connect Campaign to one or more external databases and process information stored into them without affecting your Campaign Cloud Database data.

💡 Learn more in this page

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