Interacting with custom resources

The /customResources endpoint allows you to expose the Campaign custom resources in REST. Based on this API, an integration between custom entities and external endpoints is available.

The /customResources endpoint has exactly the same behavior as /profileAndServices endpoint.

The custom resources that are exposed within this API are:

  • all the entites that are not exposed under /profileAndServicesExt
  • all the entities that are not linked to profile and, for these entities, their children and grandchildren.
  • by default, all entities that are not linked to anything, and their children and grandchildren.

The custom resources that are available under /profileAndServicesExt are not exposed in the /customResources API.

Here is an example to retrieve the metadata from a custom resource:

GET /customResources/resourceType/<customResourceName>

To perform a creation, update or deletion, the GET, POST, PATCH, DELETE are used.

POST /customResources/<customResourceName>

The privacy API endpoint and workflows (/privacy/privacyTool?lang=en) are not managing the custom resources that are not linked to the profile entity.
You will have the responsibility to manage and clean up any PII for these custom resources. For more information on privacy tool, click here.

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