IP Certification

IP Certification is a sending best practices program that helps ensuring that emails are received without being blocked by antispam filters or other email blocking systems.

Currently two providers offer IP Certification: Return Path and Certified Senders Alliance.

Certified senders are on allowlist which are used by global mailbox providers and email security companies. These commercial allowlists are based on a system that allows the sender to bypass antispam filters altogether or be assigned incremental points as they enter the system.

The Return Path Certification program offers a number of benefits, including the following:

  • A measurable increase in inbox placement at top mailbox providers like Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, Gmail, Comcast, Orange, Mail.ru, and more
  • Favorable reputation and treatment at critical filters like Cloudmark, SpamAssassin, and Cisco Ironport
  • A compliance team dedicated to 24/7 monitoring, providing with security alerts and working with you through the resolution of any compromises
  • Mailbox provider data delivering detailed information about KPIs, placement, and Certification performance
  • Simplified and faster IP warming, including stronger reputation and recognition when migrating or obtaining a new IP address

The Certified Senders Alliance Certification offers amongst other benefits:

  • Certification of senders of commercial emails who can comply with high quality standards
  • Improved delivery and deliverability of commercial emails to increase the inbox placement rate and reduce spam filtering
  • Protection from legal and financial risks by fully complying with legal standards
  • Protecting reputation by means of early warnings from the CSA Complaints Office and daily spam trap reports

ISPs are free to use these services and the number of ISPs can vary depending on the allowlist.

However, because more and more ISPs build their antispam filters based on each inbox owner’s behavior rather than analyzing the message content itself, using IP Certification cannot be a guarantee of inbox placement or even delivery.

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