Creating deliveries on profiles’ creation date

Last update: 2021-09-13
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You can send an offer via email on the anniversary of the customer’s profile creation.

  1. In Marketing Activities, click Create and select Workflow.
  2. Select New Workflow as workflow type and click Next.
  3. Enter the properties of the workflow and click Create.

Creating a Scheduler activity

  1. In Activities > Execution, drag and drop a Scheduler activity.
  2. Double-click the activity.
  3. Configure the execution of your delivery.
  4. In Execution frequency, select Daily.
  5. Select a Time and the Repetition frequency of execution for your workflow.
  6. Select a Start date and Expiration for your workflow.
  7. Confirm your activity and save your workflow.

To start your workflow at a specific time zone, in the Execution options tab, set up the time zone for your scheduler in the Time zone field. By default, the selected time zone is the one defined in the workflow properties (see Building a workflow).

Creating a Query activity

  1. To select recipients, drag and drop a Query activity and double-click it.
  2. Add Profiles and select no longer contact by email with the value no.

Retrieving profiles created on the same day as the day of execution

  1. In Profile, drag and drop the Created field. and click on Advanced Mode.
  2. In the list of functions, double-click Day from the Date node.
  3. Then, insert the field Created as argument.
  4. Select equals to (=) as the operator.
  5. For Value, select Day from the Date node in the List of functions.
  6. Insert the GetDate() function as argument.

You retrieved the profiles which creation day is equal to current day.

You should end up with:

Day(@created) = Day(GetDate())

Click Confirm.

Retrieving profiles created on the same month as the month of execution

  1. On the Query editor, select the first query and duplicate it.
  2. Open the duplicate.
  3. Replace Day by Month in the query.
  4. Click Confirm.

You should end up with this:

Month(@created) = Month(GetDate())

The final query displays:

Day(@created) = Day(GetDate()) AND Month(@created) = Month(GetDate())

Creating an Email delivery

  1. Drag and drop an Email delivery activity.
  2. Click the activity and select to edit.
  3. Select Recurring email and click Next.
  4. Select an email template and click Next.
  5. Enter the email properties and click Next.
  6. To create the layout of your email, click on Email Designer.
  7. Insert elements or select an existing template.
  8. Personalize your email using fields and links.
    For more information, refer to designing an email.
  9. Click Preview to check your layout.
  10. Click Save.

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