Last update: 2021-09-13
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The AND-join activity allows you to synchronize multiple execution branches of a workflow.

Context of use

The AND-join activity only triggers its outbound transition once all the inbound transitions are activated, in other words, once all of the preceding activities have finished.


  1. Drop multiple activities such as queries into your workflow to form at least two different execution branches.
  2. Drag and drop an AND-join activity into your workflow.
  3. Connect it after the two different branches that you would like to synchronize.
  4. Select the activity, then open it using the button from the quick actions that appear.
  5. Select the main set to be kept in the outbound transition. If you do not select any set, a random population will be sent from the activity.
  6. Confirm the configuration of your activity and save your workflow.


The following example shows two workflow branches before they are joined with the AND-join activity. File extraction can only take place when the three inbound transitions of the AND-join activity are enabled.

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