Visitor (nms:visitor)

Last update: 2022-03-22
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Object description

Name Label Type (length) Enumeration values
PKey Main resource ID string  
comment Referrer comment string (255)  
created Created date  
createdBy (userBase) Created by link  
delivery (delivery) Delivery link  
deliveryId ID of the last delivery integer  
desc Description string (512)  
email Email string (128)  
externalId External ID string (64)  
firstName First name string (30)  
forwardUrl Forward url string (255)  
geoUnit (geoUnitBase) Geographical unit link  
lastModified Last modified date  
lastName Last name string (50)  
modifiedBy (userBase) Modified by link  
orgUnit (orgUnitBase) Organizational unit link  
origin Origin enumeration (byte)
  • Undefined - undefined - 0
  • INVALID VALUE - __Invalid_value__ - __Invalid_value__
recipient (recipient) Identified profile link  
recipientId Profile ID integer  
referrerEmail Referrer email string (128)  
referrerFirstName Referrer first name string (30)  
referrerId Referrer ID integer  
referrerLastName Referrer last name string (50)  
referrerRcp (recipient) Referrer link  
title Label string (255)  


By last name, first name, or email (byText)

Name Type
text string

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