Program (nms:program)

Last update: 2022-03-22
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Object description

Name Label Type (length) Enumeration values
PKey Main resource ID string  
activities Activities collection  
builtIn Built-in application object boolean  
created Created date  
createdBy (userBase) Created by link  
desc Description string (512)  
end End date date  
geoUnit (geoUnitBase) Geographical unit link  
isExternal Is external resource boolean  
isTemplate Template boolean  
label Label string (128)  
lastModified Last modified date  
logicalStatus Execution status enumeration (string) (255)
  • In progress - started - started
  • Editing - edition - edition
  • Finished - finished - finished
  • Warning - warning - warning
  • Erroneous - error - error
  • INVALID VALUE - __Invalid_value__ - __Invalid_value__
modifiedBy (userBase) Modified by link  
name ID string (64)  
orgUnit (orgUnitBase) Organizational unit link  
parent (programBase) Parent program link  
realtimeReport Realtime Reports item  
start Start date date  
status Status enumeration (byte)
  • Started - started - 1
  • Editing - edition - 0
  • Finished - finished - 2
  • INVALID VALUE - __Invalid_value__ - __Invalid_value__
template (program) Program template link  
thumbnail Thumbnail string (255)  
title Program string (255)  


By logical status (byLogicalStatus)

Name Type
state enumeration

By name or label (byText)

Name Type
text string

By period (byPeriod)

Name Type
startDate date
timePeriod string

Include continuous deliveries from a heterogeneous list (withContinuous)

Name Type
withContinuous boolean

Include subprograms (withParent)

Name Type
withParent boolean

Only the eligible parents (eligibleParents)

Name Type
program link

Planned for the given period (byPlanning)

Name Type
startDate date
endDate date

Present during given period (byCalendar)

Name Type
startDate date
endDate date

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