Audience (nms:audience)

Last update: 2022-03-22
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Object description

Name Label Type (length) Enumeration values
PKey Main resource ID string  
aamMappingId Audience Manager mapping ID string (100)  
amcDataSource (amcDataSourceBase) AMC Data source link  
audienceData Preview selected population collection  
audienceDataSchema Data schema string (255)  
audienceMetadata AudienceMetadata string (255)  
collectLineNumber Use a line number as ID boolean  
count Count integer  
countDate Count date date  
countPreview CountPreview item  
created Created date  
createdBy (userBase) Created by link  
desc Description string (512)  
doNotPersist Do not historize this job boolean  
errorLimit Errors before aborting integer  
expirationDate Expires on date  
geoUnit (geoUnitBase) Geographical unit link  
hasSchema HasSchema boolean  
isAMC Adobe Marketing Cloud audience boolean  
isExternal Is external resource boolean  
jobLogs Logs collection  
label Label string (128)  
lastModified Last modified date  
modifiedBy (userBase) Modified by link  
name ID string (64)  
orgUnit (orgUnitBase) Organizational unit link  
rejectFilename Rejection file string  
sharedAudience Name of the shared audience item  
source Source item  
sourceId Source Id integer  
title Audience string (255)  
type Type enumeration (string) (100)
  • Query - query - query
  • List - list - list
  • File - file - file
  • INVALID VALUE - __Invalid_value__ - __Invalid_value__
where Query definition item  
workflow (workflow) Workflow link  


By filtering dimension (byFilteringResource)

Name Type
filteringResource string

By name or label (byText)

Name Type
text string

By type (byType)

Name Type
type enumeration
isAMC string

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