Data retention

Standard log tables in Campaign have pre-set retention periods on them, generally limiting their data storage to 6 months or less.

The following are the default retention values for standard tables. Be aware that the retention configuration is set by Adobe technical administrators during implementation and values may vary for each implementation, based on customer requirements.

  • Consolidated tracking: 6 months
  • Delivery logs: 6 months
  • Tracking logs: 6 months
  • Events: 1 month
  • Statistics of event processing: 6 months
  • Archived events: 6 months
  • Temporary entities: 7 days
  • Ignored pipeline events: 1 month
  • Delivery alerts: 1 month
  • Export audit: 6 months

Using standard workflow functionality, it is possible to set up retention periods for any custom table.

Reach out to the Adobe consultants or technical administrators to learn more about retention or to set retention for custom tables.

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