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Last update: 2023-09-22
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Learn how to present the user with contextually relevant In-App messages in response to a customer’s real-time behavior within the mobile application.


Hello. In this video I will show you how to leverage In-App message reporting to understand user’s interaction with the message. So on my screen you can see a delivery that I have just sent out, you can see the Sent count here and the Delivered count, which indicates the message was delivered successfully, and in this case, I received the message on my device and I have interacted with the message a little bit so I can gather the click data.

So now you can go ahead and click on this Reports Icon here to access the report.

Click on Dynamic reports.

Once you see the list of reports here, you have two separate reports that you can review. First, we’ll check our Delivery summary report which will provide us the details of this particular delivery. Now by default you’ll get this particular look and feel of the report as you can see that some of the metrics are not specific to In-App message, so you can certainly go ahead and remove these metrics, and add the ones that are relevant for In-App message kind of delivery. So for example, I can go to metrics here and I can pick: In-App Click Through Rate, In-App Clicks, In-App Dismissal, In-App Dismissal rate etc. So at this point in time you can see the data that is relevant to this particular delivery and you can look at the Delivery summary at the top and this video views that are provided in the report.

The other report that I find more useful is the Out of Box Report, so let me show you the Out of Box Report.

So go back to the list of reports, and click on this In-App Report here.

This report comes pre-customized for In-App message channel type, which means that the metrics and dimensions that you see in this report are the ones that are relevant to this channel. So again, similar to other reports, you can see the Delivery summary here, this is for all the deliveries that have been sent out, so this is your high level view, or you can dig a little bit deeper and review the details based on various dimensions. So for example, you can see this here is a Summary by Mobile App.

You can see the Impressions, Unique Impressions and click through rate, In-App Dismissal rate etc. Similarly you can review your In-App Engagements Summary by Day, and if you scroll down further you can check out In-App Engagement Summary by Delivery. So this first delivery here is a delivery that I was showing you just now, and this gives you the Sent count, Delivered count, Impressions - this is total impressions, Unique Impressions, in this case I was the only user who was interacting with this message, so the Unique Impression count is one, and then In-App Click Through Rate and In-App Dismissal rate.

Then you also have another view available to you, in which you can check out the Click details. So, how many Clicks, Unique Clicks, Dismissals and Unique In-App Dismissals that I gathered. Again, by Mobile App, by Day, as well as by Delivery.

What I really find useful is: the ability to add In-App Message Actions to my Delivery.

And that gives me even more granular understanding of how the user has interacted with the message. So for this particular delivery, that I just showcased, you can see that there are two buttons: Later and OK are the two buttons that were on the message, the user clicked on each one of those buttons twice, and then Dismissal is a default option which basically indicated the ability to dismiss the message, most generally this happens by clicking the Cross button on top of the message.

So if the user dismiss the message without interacting with it or by clicking the Cross Button, then you’ll see dismissal’s populated here.

Alright, this was all about In-App message reporting. Thank you.

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