Configure Events

When configuring an In-App message, you need to define which user-initiated action triggers the message to be displayed. These actions are called events. Three categories of events are available: Mobile Application events, Life Cycle events, and Analytics events.

Mobile Application Events

Mobile Application events are custom events that are implemented in your mobile application.

Examples are:

  • A customer has viewed an item
  • A customer adds an item to the cart
  • Cart abandonment
  • A customer has purchased something

You must configure these events in Adobe Campaign. The following video describes how to do this.

Life Cycle events

Lifecycle events are out-of-the-box events. The following events are available:

  • launched
  • upgraded
  • crashed

An example use case could be a message introducing new features after an upgrade, or an event promotion.


The Lifecycle module needs to be configured in the mobile application. Please see here for more information on How to add Lifecycle to your app

Analytics Events

The following three categories are supported depending on what is instrumented in your mobile app:

  • Adobe Analytics
  • Context data
  • View state

Analytics events require an Adobe Analytics license. Once you have the Analytics extension configured and have added Analytics to your App, these events become available in the In-App configuration in ACS.

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