Predictive engagement scoring

Powered by Journey AI, Adobe Campaign can analyze and predict open rates, optimal send times, and probable churn based on historical engagement metrics.


This capability is not available out of the box as part of the product. The implementation requires Adobe Consulting to be engaged. To find out more, please reach out to your Adobe representative.

Predictive engagement scoring predicts the probability of a recipient engaging with a message and the probability of opting out (unsubscribing) within the next seven days after the next email send. The probabilities are further divided into buckets according to the specific risk of disengagement, medium, or low. The model also provides the risk percentile rank for the customers to understand where the rank of a certain customer in relation to others.

Learn how to view engagement scores at the individual profile level, use scores for targeting engaged users and suppressing fatigued users and how to create typology rules to manage customer fatigue.

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