Create an export workflow (Part 1) - Find the last modified date for a list of recipients

In this first part of the Create an Export Workflow tutorial, learn how to create a workflow that finds the last modified date for a list of recipients created from an Experience Platform segment.


JavaScript to establish date ranges:

 vars.OPTION_NAME = "BroadLog_CaptureTime";

 logInfo("Starting Execution...");

 // Establish the last and next RunTimes
 var lastRunTime = getOption(vars.OPTION_NAME);
 var nextRunTime = getCurrentDate();

 //To reset and run through DEFAULT_LOOKBACK, uncomment the following line.
 //lastRunTime = null;

 logInfo("NEXT Run Date Set: [" + nextRunTime + "]");
 logInfo("LAST Run Date Retrieved (" + lastRunTime + ")");

 //Check for null so we can default the lastRunTime using the DEFAULT_LOOKBACK
 if (lastRunTime == null || lastRunTime == "null" || lastRunTime == "") {

   logInfo("Empty Date Retrieved, setting to default lookback (-" + DEFAULT_LOOKBACK_DAYS + " days)");
   lastRunTime = new Date();
   lastRunTime.setDate(nextRunTime.getDate() - DEFAULT_LOOKBACK_DAYS);
   logInfo("LAST Run Date Set: [" + lastRunTime + "]");


 //Persist values through execution of this instance of the workflow.
 vars.lastRunTime = lastRunTime;
 vars.nextRunTime = nextRunTime;

 logInfo("Finished Execution.");

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