Getting started with Push notifications for Android - Introduction

Last update: 2023-09-22
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Adobe Campaign allows you to send personalized and segmented push notifications to iOS and Android™ mobile devices. This tutorial walks you through the steps involved in sending push notifications from Adobe Campaign to an Android™ app.


Before you can begin, you must have the following:

  1. Android™ Mobile application

    This tutorial does not cover the detailed steps required to set up the mobile application. You must have an Android™ mobile application with the Campaign SDK integrated.

    You can find a detailed description of the required steps in the product documentation:

    Integrating Campaign SDK into the mobile application

  2. Mobile App channel package installed

    The Mobile App channel package must be installed on your Campaign instance. The following video explains how to check if the Mobile App channel is installed on your instance and if not, how to install it.


To be able to use push notifications in Adobe Campaign Classic, you need to have the Mobile App channel installed on your instance.

In this video, I will explain how you can check if the Mobile App channel is installed, and if not, how to install it.

In your Campaign instance, go to Tools, Advanced, Import package.

Select Adobe Campaign package, click on Next.

Search for the Mobile App channel.

If it has checked, like in my case, it is already installed and you can start configuring the push channel.

If not, you’ll need to install the package. For this, simply check the box, click on Next, and then click Start, that package will then be installed. -

Tutorial Overview

The objective is to send a personalized promotional push notification to the subscribers of the Neotrip Android™ mobile app. The Neotrip app is configured with the Campaign SDK and the Mobile App channel is activated on the Campaign instance.

The following configuration steps are required:

Step 1: Extend the app subscription schema to personalize push notifications

To be able to personalize the push notification, you must first extend the app subscription schema. THis allows the system to store the personalization values that are received from the app when the user subscribes to the service.

Step 2: Configure the Android™ service and create the mobile application in Campaign

Next, the Android™ service must be configures and the mobile application created in Campaign. In this step, the Neotrip app is defined as the target for the push notification.

Step 3: Configure and send the push notification

Now the push notification is ready to be configured and sent.

Start the tutorial

Step 1: Extend the app subscription schema

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