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Select a target mapping

Last update: 2023-11-28
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By default, delivery templates target Recipients. Their target mapping therefore uses the fields of the nms:recipient table. Adobe Campaign offers other target mappings for your deliveries, to be used based on your needs.

These mappings are as follows:

Name Use Standard schema
Recipients Deliver to recipients of the Adobe Campaign database nms:recipient
Visitors Deliver to visitors whose profiles have been collected via referral (viral marketing) or via social networks (Facebook, X - formerly known as Twitter) for instance. mns:visitor
Subscriptions Deliver to recipients who are subscribed to an information service such as a newsletter nms:subscription
Visitor subscriptions Deliver to visitors who are subscribed to an information service nms:visitorSub
Service Publish to a X account or a Facebook page nms:service
Operators Deliver to Adobe Campaign operators nms:operator
External file Deliver via a file that contains all information needed for delivery No linked schema, no target entered

You can also create new target mappings. This operation is reserved for expert users. For more information, refer to this section.

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