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Test message tracking

Last update: 2023-08-31
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You can test tracking on mirror pages, email logs and links. To do this:

  1. Create a new email delivery that will be used for testing.

  2. Specify the user that will receive the email. Since this user will have to open the email and click the links it contains, make sure you select a test recipient address that you control.

  3. Add a mirror page (MirrorPage) personalization block in the email content.

  4. Send the delivery containing a link to the mirror page.

  5. Once you have received the email, open it and click the mirror page link.

  6. After you are correctly redirected to the mirror page, access the Administration > Technical workflows folder and open the Tracking workflow.

  7. Start the workflow, right click the Scheduler activity and select Execute pending task now.

  8. Wait around 30 seconds, then select the Audit tab. Ensure that at least one tracking log record is found.

    Click Refresh if you do not see any new logs.

  9. Go to the profile page of the recipient you used for the test, and select the Tracking tab. Some records should appear with the Mirror Page value in the Type column.


    The recipient’s profile page is located in the Profiles and Targets > Recipients folder by default.

    To check the email log tracking, look for the values Open and Email click in the Type column.

    If the open logs do not appear, go to the delivery and access its Properties to make sure that both Activate tracking and Opens tracking options are checked.

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