Monitoring deliverability

Below you will find details on the different monitoring tools provided by Adobe Campaign as well as some additional guidelines on deliverability monitoring.

Monitoring tools

Use the features offered by Adobe Campaign to monitor your platform’s deliverability.

The Deliverability package gives you access to:

  • The Inbox rendering report which enables you to preview your messages on major email clients in order to scan content and reputation.
  • Overview of message quality (inbox, spam).

You can also use the following tools:

  • The Delivery throughput report gives you an overview of the entire platform’s throughput for a given period. For more on this, see this section.

  • Each delivery generates a broadcast statistics report for the different Internet service providers (ISPs). It shows some data quality and reputation metrics that may impact your deliverability, including the following numbers:

    • Hard bounces indicate data quality. This number should be less than 2%.
    • Soft bounces indicate reputation. This number should not be higher than 10% for any given ISP.

    For more on this, see the Delivery statistics section.

  • More generally, the delivery dashboard gives you access to:

    • the delivery summary, which shows the detail of the sending and the number of messages to send, processed and sent with success;
    • the delivery logs and history, which show which target has been excluded and why;
    • the tracking logs, which show tracking information such as opens and clicks.

Monitoring guidelines

Here are some additional guidelines on deliverability monitoring:

  • Regularly check the delivery throughput for the whole platform to verify whether it is consistent with the original set-up.
  • Check that retries are set up correctly (30 minutes for retry period and more than 20 retries) in delivery templates.
  • Regularly verify that the bounce mailbox is accessible and that the account is not about to expire.
  • Check each delivery throughput to make sure that it is consistent with the delivery content’s validity (e.g. ‘flash sales’ should be delivered in minutes, not days).
  • When using waves, verify that each wave has enough time to finish before the next one is triggered.
  • Check that the number of errors and new quarantines are consistent with other deliveries.
  • Carefully consult the delivery logs in detail to check the kind of errors that are highlighted (denylists, DNS issues, anti-spam rules, etc.).

Signal Spam

Signal Spam is a French service which offers anonymized feedback loop reporting for French ISPs (Orange, SFR).

  • This service allows you to follow the reputation of the French ISPs and track customers’ activity evolution.

  • Signal Spam also provides direct complaints that end users log through a dedicated interface. Those complaints are then quarantined from the email address database.


250ok is a complementary monitoring solution to the Adobe deliverability internal tools which provides IP and domain denylists, and reputation indicators.

The information provided is real-time, which allows for a pro-active assistance.

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