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Use a content template

Last update: 2024-02-20

About content templates

Content templates can be referenced and used in deliveries directly. Refer to Creating a delivery via content management

They can also be used to create content instances. Once they have been created, these instances are ready to be delivered (refer to Delivering a content instance) or exported (refer to Creating a content instance).

Creating a delivery via content management

You can reference a content template in a delivery in view of using input fields to enter content. An additional tab is added to the delivery wizard for defining delivery content.

The layout will be applied automatically based on the selected settings. To view it, click the HTML preview (or Text preview ) and select a recipient to test personalization elements.

For more on this, refer to the full implementation example: Creating content in the delivery wizard.

Creating a content instance

You can create contents directly in the Adobe Campaign tree to be used in workflows, exported, or injected straight into new deliveries.

Apply the following steps:

  1. Select the Resources > Contents node of the tree, right-click and choose Properties.

  2. Select the publication templates that will be active for this folder.

  3. You can now create new content using the New button above the content list.

  4. Enter the fields in the form.

  5. Then click the HTML preview tab to view the rendering. Here, the personalization fields taken from the database aren’t entered.

  6. Once it is created, the content is added to the list of available contents. Click the Properties link to change its label, status, or view its history.

  7. If necessary, once the content is approved it can be generated using the appropriate button on the toolbar.


    You can authorize the generation of non-approved contents. To do this, change the relevant option in the publication template. For more on this, refer to Creating and configuring the template.

    The HTML and Text contents are generated by default in the publishing folder of the Adobe Campaign instance. You can change the publication folder thanks to the NcmPublishingDir option.

Delivering a content instance

To create a content instance and deliver it, a delivery template needs to be linked to the publication template used to generate this content. For more on this, refer to Delivery.

Moreover, the content storage folder must be dedicated to contents taken from this publication template (when a content folder enables you to generate several types of content, deliveries can’t be created automatically).

To create the delivery automatically based on the selected content, click the Delivery icon and choose the template.

Text and HTML contents are entered automatically.

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