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Adobe Campaign is regularly updated. On the average two or three minor versions are released every year with new features, improvements and fixes. In addition, we periodically release builds with cumulative fixes only.

This regular frequency of updates aims at getting the latest and greatest in your hands, keeping your environment secure and improving your experience with our product.

This is the reason why we believe it is critical that you run the most recent version of Adobe Campaign. It will also ensure that you get a better support experience as identifying, reproducing and fixing an issue on a recent build is usually much faster. Also, many issues you may encounter have already been fixed in most recent builds.

Release statuses

A status is associated to each build. You’ll find below the list of statuses and how to interpret them.

General Availability (GA) - Validated in production and recommended by Adobe.

The last GA builds are: Gold Standard 11 release and Campaign 21.1.4 release.

Limited Availability (LA) - On-demand deployment only.

Release Candidate (RC) - Latest version with new capabilities.

No longer available - No deployment. No bug fix. Update to a newer build is recommended.

Deprecated - No deployment. No bug fix. Existing implementations must be upgraded.


To ensure a stable configuration, we recommend that you install the same stable build on all servers that are running on the same client configuration.

In addition, the client console should be on the same build as the server instance.

To keep your implementation up-to-date, make sure to read out the Deprecated and removed features and Compatibility matrix pages with each new release.

Process to upgrade

As a hosted customer (Managed Service or Hybrid), you need to reach out to the Customer Care team to have your environment upgraded.

As an on-premise user, you can perform the upgrade. To do this, you need to download the latest stable build and upgrade all your environments. Learn more on the upgrade process, and consult the build upgrade FAQ.

Gold Standard

As a hosted Gold Standard user, you will automatically benefit from the Gold Standard upgrade with the latest GA Gold Standard build without any action. Learn more.


Compatibility matrix for Gold Standard is available in the GA Compatibility matrix.

Support and other useful links

To be informed of new Experience Cloud solution releases, subscribe to the Adobe Priority Product Update.

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