Release 18.6

Release 18.6.2 - Build 8949

22 August 2018


This build has been recalled. Please upgrade to the latest build or contact Adobe Customer Care.

What’s new?

Query banding

When multiple Campaign users connect to the same FDA Teradata external account, you can now pass a query band (key/value pairs) specific to each user. Each time a Campaign user performs a query on the Teradata database, Adobe Campaign is now able to send meta data associated to the user. These data, which consist in a list of keys and values can then be used by Teradata administrators for audit purposes or to manage access rights, for example.

For more information, refer to the detailed documentation.


  • Email archiving logs have been enhanced, which makes it easier and clearer to check which emails have been successfully delivered or have failed through BCC archiving. (NEO-10675)
  • Fixed an issue which led to the display of load balancer IPs instead of customer IPs in the tracking broadlogs. (NEO-11295)
  • Fixed a random issue causing the properties of a delivery to be wrongly overwritten. (NEO-11015)
  • Fixed a syntax error when sorting enrichment activity results. (NEO-11394)
  • Fixed an issue when using calculated fields in a Survey answers workflow activity. (NEO-11382)
  • Tomcat has been updated to prevent vulnerabilities exploitation. (NEO-11503)
  • Fixed an error with LATIN1 encoding when using an FDA Connection to a PostgreSQL database. (NEO-11299)
  • Fixed an issue that occurred when using the Prepare the personalization data with a workflow delivery option. (NEO-11047)
  • Fixed a postupgrade issue which prevented sending SMS from being sent when using an extended connector.
  • Improved package import/export (log and region were added in the interface).
  • Fixed an issue which displayed useless errors in the postupgrade log when a Survey answers workflow activity was not fully configured.

Technical evolutions

Query banding

A specific key (PROXYUSER or PROXYROLE) is used to associate a Teradata user or role to a Campaign user. A new permission has been added to use this proxy user/role. You need to add the GRANT CONNECT THROUGH access right to the database account (the one defined in the Teradata external account).

A new tab has been added in the Teradata external accounts. The Query banding tab includes the following options:

  • Active: check this box to activate the feature.
  • Default: enter a default query banding that will be used if a user has no associated query banding. If there is no default query banding defined, the users who have no associated query banding will not be able to use Teradata.
  • Users: for each user, specify a query banding. You can add as many key/value pairs as you need. For example: ‘priority=1;workload=high;’

For more information on query banding, refer to these articles:

Release 18.6 - Build 8947

25 June 2018


This build has been recalled. Please upgrade to the latest build or contact technical support.

What’s new?

Security improvements
A series of security improvements has been added to Campaign Classic. Improvements and fixes are listed below.
Support of Windows Server 2016
Adobe Campaign is now compatible with Windows Server 2016. Refer to Campaign Classic Compatibility matrix.

Security enhancements


The decryptString function is deprecated. Refer to the Deprecated and Removed Features article.

For new customers, this function is now only used to decrypt the recipient’s crypted ID in landing pages. To decrypt passwords stored in an external account, use the new decryptPassword function.

For existing customers, the behavior of this function is not changed but we recommend that you use decryptPassword instead of decryptString. The XtkSecurity_Unsafe_DecryptString compatibility option is added by the postupgrade and activated by default, allowing you to keep using the function. If you want to deactivate decryptString, deactivate the option.


The decryptPassword function has been added. It allows you to decrypt a password stored in an external account. Refer to the JSAPI documentation for more information.

File APIs

For new installations, folder access via file APIs is limited to the var, sftp and temporary folders of Adobe Campaign.

For existing customers, file APIs can no longer access the conf folder of Adobe Campaign. The XtkSecurity_Disable_JSFileSandboxing compatibility option is added by the postupgrade and activated by default, allowing you to keep accessing the other folders. If you want to limit the access to the var, sftp and temporary folders of Adobe Campaign, deactivate the option.


  • Fixed an issue that could affect SMS transactional message performance. (NEO-9812)

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