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Log files

Last update: 2023-07-31

The log files are organized as follows:

Each nlserver module generates a log file saved in the following directory: <installation directory>/var/<instance>/log/<module>.log.

The nlserver syslogd module saves the logs to the disk. This module is similar to the Unix syslog daemon, but has been adapted for compatibility between Unix and Windows. The other Adobe Campaign modules do not save their logs to the disk; they delegate this task to the syslogd module by sending it UDP packets.

By default, the Adobe Campaign platform has the syslogd module installed on it, but it is possible to use another syslog daemon. This module creates the log files in the log directory.

The logs of multi-instance modules are stored in the following directory: <installation directory>/var/default/log/. The same log file is shared by all instances (e.g. web.log).

The logs of the other modules are stored in a subfolder named after the instance. Each instance has its own log files.

Multi-instance log files are listed in the following table:

File Description
web.log Web module logs (client console, reports, SOAP API, etc.)
webmdl.log Logs from the redirection module
watchdog.log Logs from the Adobe Campaign process monitoring module
trackinglogd.log Tracking logs

The mono-instance log files are listed in the following table:

File Description
mta.log mta module logs
mtachild.log Message delivery processing logs
wfserver.log Logs of the workflow server module
runwf.log Workflow execution logs
inMail.log Bounce mail module log
logins.log Logs all login attempts to Adobe Campaign (success or not)

The redir directory only exists on redirection servers. The url subdirectory contains the matches of the URLs to be redirected, and the subdirectory log contains the tracking logs. To generate tracking logs, the trackinglogd module must be running.

For performance and storage optimization, the logins.log file is split into multiple files, one each day (logins.yy-mm-dd.log) with a maximum of 365 files retained. The number of days can be changed in the serverConf.xml, under syslogd (maxNumberOfLoginsFiles option). See the documentation on the server configuration file.

By default, the logs are limited to two 10 MB files per module and per instance. The second file is called: <modulename>_2.log. The size of the logs is therefore limited to 2*10MB per module and per instance.

You can, however, keep larger files. To enable this, change the value of the maxFileSizeMb=“10” setting in the syslogd node of the conf/serverConf.xml file. This value represents the maximum size in MB of a log file.

If you wish to maintain further levels of detail in the logs, you can start the Adobe Campaign modules with the -verbose parameter:

nlserver start <MODULE>@<INSTANCE> -verbose

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