General architecture

Last update: 2023-07-31

Minimum architecture

In a minimum configuration, Adobe Campaign operates with:

  • the Adobe Campaign application server,

  • the database.

This diagram shows that the only traffic involved in the context of a minimum architecture is:

  1. HTTP protocol traffic to the Adobe Campaign server via the Internet,
  2. SMTP protocol traffic from and to the Adobe Campaign server via the Internet.

Distributed architecture

Adobe Campaign is made up of multiple modules which can be broken down over several machines. This operating mode has several advantages:

  • load balancing,
  • setting up of module redundancy,
  • building of an architecture broken down over several service providers (segmentation of the services provided).

The distribution of modules over several machines provides great flexibility of use and improved adaptability.


For more on the various architectures, refer to this section.

List of open ports

Port number Concerned Adobe Campaign module or application Configurable
443/tcp or 80/tcp Web Servers (Apache/IIS) YES
6666/udp (local) Adobe Campaign: Syslogd YES
8005/tcp (local) Adobe Campaign: web module YES
8080/tcp Adobe Campaign: web module (tomcat) YES
7777 Statistics server (stat server) YES

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