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Last update: 2023-07-31
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After a migration, in case of issues, you might need to rollback to the previous version of Campaign.

The rollback procedure depends on your initial version of Campaign.

Here is the procedure to restore a v6.1 from a v7.

  1. Recover the backup of the database and restore it.
  2. Recover the Adobe Campaign v6.back folder (nl6.back in Linux), rename it to Adobe Campaign v6 (nl6 in Linux) and restore it to its original location.
  3. Re-configure IIS by re-assigning the listen ports to re-establish the integration of Adobe Campaign v6.1 at IIS Website level.
  4. Stop the Adobe Campaign v7 service.
  5. Re-start IIS.
  6. Restart the Adobe Campaign v6.1 service.

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