Workflows FAQ

Last update: 2023-07-31

Learn how to orchestrate processes and tasks with Adobe Campaign workflows.

What are the key steps to create a workflow?

Click here to learn how to create your first workflow: learn concepts and best practices to build workflows in Campaign.

How can I import data in Campaign?

Learn best practices to import data in this section.

Can I monitor workflow execution?

Understand how to monitor Campaign workflow execution in this page.

How can I update Campaign data with a workflow?

You can perform massive update, merge and insert on the data in the database.

Click here to learn more.

How can I leverage data management capabilities?

In Adobe Campaign, you can leverage a set of activities for solving complex targeting issues by offering more efficient and flexible tools. Data management activities let you implement consistent management of all communications with a contact using information related to their contracts, subscriptions, reactivity to deliveries, etc. Data Management lets you track the data life cycle during segmentation operations, in particular:

  • Simplifying and optimizing targeting processes, by including data that is not modeled in the datamart (creating new tables: local extension to each targeting workflow depending on configuration).
  • Keeping and conveying buffer calculations, especially during target construction phases or for database administration.
  • Accessing external bases (optional): heterogeneous databases taken into account during the targeting process.

Click here to learn more and be able to design complex target and work on your data combining data management workflow activities.

Can I automate personalized messages sending?

Read out this use case to send personalized messages to people depending on their highest scores of a competition.

How can I split an audience in subsets with a workflow?

Learn how to split a target into several subsets in this section.

How can I update recipient data from an external file?

You can modify certain fields in a Campaign table with values from an external text file.

Click here to learn how.

How can I identify and target new recipients?

This use case will learn you how to use aggregates to automatically identify last recipients added in the database and send them a welcome message.

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