Message design FAQ

Last update: 2023-07-31

Discover key steps to design omni-channel messages with Adobe Campaign.

Are there specific guidelines when designing emails with Campaign?

Before starting designing emails, learn the concepts and best practices related to delivery design and sending with Adobe Campaign.

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What is a delivery template?

Delivery configuration and parameters can be saved in a delivery template in order to be re-used.

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Can I easily import an existing HTML to create an email in Campaign?

Discover how to import an existing HTML to create and send an email in Adobe Campaign in one click.

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How to use Campaign DCE to create an email content?

Design an email with Campaign digital content editor: learn how to use Campaign DCE to design an email through an example.

How can I create a subscription-based newsletter in Campaign?

Create a newsletter service: key steps to create a newsletter and manage subscriptions.

How can I personalize messages?

Messages delivered by Adobe Campaign can be personalized in several different ways, concerning the content or the appearance of messages. These ways can be combined according to criteria taken particularly from the recipient profiles. In general, Adobe Campaign allows you to:

Can I send multilingual messages?

You can send multilingual messages to your recipients, depending on their preferences or their country for example.

To do this, you can localize the message content, and personalize depending on the recipient’s profile, using conditions. You can also use workflows to select the version of the message to send depending on a test on preferred language.

How can I localize a webform?

You can localize a web application into several languages. Translation mechanism is presented in this section.

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