Generic imports and exports

Adobe Campaign offers a data export module that makes it easy to extract a list of customers or prospects (for example, following a targeting operation) who will then become part of a target population.

Adobe Campaign also offers an import module that lets you supply your database with data from external files.


Exports and imports are configured in dedicated templates executed through workflows via the Import and Export activities. They can be repeated automatically according to a schedule, for example to automate data exchange between several information systems. If necessary, you can create an occasional import or export via the Profiles and Targets > Jobs > Generic imports and exports node of the Adobe Campaign tree.

You can:


Data import in Campaign should be performed through workflows to secure data consistency and improve efficiency. For more on this, refer to the Importing data, Import best practices and Import template example sections.

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Creating a job template

Import and export templates are stored in the Resources > Templates > Job templates directory of the Adobe Campaign tree.

By default, three import templates and one export template are present in this directory. They must not be modified. You can duplicate them to create your own templates or create a new template via the New > Import template / Export template menu.

The procedure for creating a process template is presented in Export wizard and Import wizard.


The native template Import denylist is already configured to import a list of email addresses which were added to the denylist.

The New text import and New text export templates let you configure an import or export from scratch.

Creating a new import/export

Once the template has been configured, import and export operations can be launched in several contexts in Adobe Campaign.

All of these open the import or export wizard.

  • In the Profiles and targets section of Adobe Campaign workspace, click the Jobs link: this takes you to the list of existing imports and exports.

    Click the Create button and select the type of job you want to perform.

  • You can also launch imports and exports from the Supervision section of the workspace: two dedicated links enable you to start the import or export directly.

  • Imports and exports can also be launched from the Adobe Campaign explorer.

    To export/import data, click the Profiles and Targets > Jobs > Generic imports and exports node, then the New icon, and select Export or Import. This opens the appropriate wizard.

Execution tracking

You can view the tracking of the execution in the upper section of this editor. You can close the export wizard and view the execution of the job via the list of import/export jobs.


Import/export job statuses are presented in Job statuses.

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