Connect Campaign and Salesforce.com

Last update: 2023-05-15

In this page, you will learn how to connect Campaign Classic to Salesforce.

Data synchronization is carried out via a dedicated workflow activity. Learn more.

The external account allows you to import and export Salesforce data into Adobe Campaign.
To configure CRM Connector for Salesforce, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new external account via the Administration > Platform > External accounts node of the Adobe Campaign tree.

  2. Select Salesforce.com.

  3. Enter settings to enable connection.

    To configure the Salesforce CRM external account to work with Adobe Campaign, you need to provide the following details:

    • Account
      Account used to sign in to Salesforce CRM.

    • Password
      Password used to sign in to Salesforce CRM.

    • Client identifier
      To know where to find your client identifier, refer to this page.

    • Security token
      To know where to find your security token, refer to this page.

    • API version
      Select the version of the API.

  4. Run the configuration wizard to generate the available CRM table: the configuration wizard lets you collect tables and create the matching schema.


    To approve the setup, you need to log off and back on to the Adobe Campaign console.

  5. Check the schema generated in Adobe Campaign in the Administration > Configuration > Data schemas node.

    Example for Salesforce schema:

  6. Once the schema is created, you can synchronize enumerations automatically from Salesforce to Adobe Campaign.

    To do this, click the Synchronizing enumerations… link and select the Adobe Campaign enumeration that matches the Salesforce enumeration.


    You can replace all values of an Adobe Campaign enumeration with those of the CRM: to do this, select Yes in the Replace column.

    Click Next and then Start to start importing the list.

  7. Check the imported values in the Administration > Platform > Enumerations menu.


    Multiple selection enumerations are not supported.

Campaign and Salesforce.com are now connected. You can set up data synchronization between the two systems.

To synchronize data between Adobe Campaign data and SFDC, you need to create a workflow and use the CRM connector activity.

Learn more about data synchronization in this page.

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