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Last update: 2023-05-15
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Adobe Campaign provides several connectors that allow you to communicate with external applications, connect to database engines, and integrate with Adobe Analytics to share data.

Available connectors are listed below:

  • FDA Connector (Federated Data Access) enables you to connect Campaign to one or more external databases and process information stored into them without affecting your Campaign data. Learn more.
  • CRM connectors enable to exchange data between Adobe Campaign and your CRM solution using dedicated workflow activities. Learn more.
  • Analytics Connectors enables you to share data between Adobe Campaign and Adobe Analytics. Learn more.

You can also integrate Campaign with multiple other systems, such as:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud solutions: Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Audience Manager, Experience Cloud triggers, etc. Learn more
  • Adobe IMS/SSO, to secure access to your Campaign instance, and connect to Adobe Campaign with the same Adobe ID as for the other Adobe Experience Cloud solutions. Learn more.
  • LDAP directory, to unify access management. Learn more.

The availability of these modules and their use can depend on the type of deployment of your installation. Refer to Campaign on-premise - hosted capabilities matrix.

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