Additional options

Directly creating temporary schemas

If you want to manage several accesses to an FDA external database, a new option lets you create a working schema directly when configuring an external account.


This option only works with PostgreSQL.

Optimizing email personalization with external data

From build 8740, the option Prepare the personalization data with a workflow is now available in the Analysis tab of the delivery properties.

During the delivery analysis, this option automatically creates and executes a workflow that stores all of the data linked to the target in a temporary table, including data from tables linked in FDA.

By checking this option, you can achieve a significant increase in performance for executing personalization.

Using data from an external database in a workflow

In several Adobe Campaign workflow activities, you can use the data stored in an external database.

Filtering on external data

The query activity allows you to add external data and use it in the defined filter configurations.

For more on this, refer to the Query section.

Creating sub-sets

The split activity allows you to create sub-sets. You can use external data to define the filtering criteria to use.

For more on this, refer to the Split section.

Loading external database

You can use the external data in the Data loading (RDBMS). This activity is presented in the Data loading section.

The enrichment activity allows you to add additional data to the workflow’s worktable as well as links to an external table. For this reason, it can exploit the data from an external database. This activity is presented in the Enrichment section.

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