Web Analytics

The workflows detailed below are installed with the Web Analytics connectors module by default. For more on this module, refer to this section.

Internal name
Sending of indicators and campaign attributes
This workflow lets you send email campaign indicators from Adobe Campaign to Adobe Experience Cloud Suite via the Adobe® Genesis connector. The indicators concerned are as follows: Sent (iSent), Total count of opens (iTotalRecipientOpen), Total number of recipients who clicked (iTotalRecipientClick), Errors (iError), Opt-Out (opt-out) (iOptOut).
Identification of converted contacts
This workflow indexes site visitors that have completed their purchase after a re-marketing campaign. The data recovered by this workflow can be accessed in the Re-marketing efficiency report (Refer to this page).
Event purge
This workflow lets you delete every event from the database field according to the period configured in the Lifespan field.
Recovery of web events
Every hour, this workflow downloads segments on internet user behavior on a given site, puts them into the Adobe Campaign database and launches the re-marketing workflow.

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