Recurring delivery

A Recurring delivery activity lets you configure a delivery template occurrence that is specific to a campaign.

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This activity is only available from the Targeting and workflows tab found in a campaign.

To do this:

  1. Select the delivery template that the activity will be based on.

  2. Configure the delivery template.

The configuration process for this activity is similar to that of creating a delivery template in terms of the options available. For more on this, refer to this section.

For an example of this activity being used, refer to this section.

How to set up recurring delivery

A recurring delivery will create a new delivery instance each time it executes. For example, if the workflow is scheduled to run once a week, that would result in 52 Deliveries after one year. This also means that the broad log and tracking logs will be separated by each delivery instance.

Recurring Delivery

If you want to stop a recurring delivery from running, you should completely cancel the campaign or stop the workflow executing it. Stopping the delivery from the Campaign dashboard will only stop the delivery occurence: the next instances of the recurring delivery will continue being created at each workflow execution.


It is not possible to send a proof from a Recurring delivery type activity.

To directly create a delivery via a campaign workflow, use the channel specific activities that are preconfigured (e.g. Recurring delivery).

Tutorial video

This video explains how to configure a recurring delivery and a scheduler activity.

Additional Campaign Classic how-to videos are available here.

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