About action activities

  • Delivery: lets you configure a delivery action. Refer to the Delivery section.
  • Delivery control: lets you start, pause or stop a delivery. Refer to the Delivery control section.
  • Continuous delivery: lets you start a delivery from the scenario specified in the activity. Refer to the Continuous delivery section.
  • Recurring delivery: lets you configure a delivery template occurrence within a campaign. Refer to Recurring delivery.
  • Cross-channel deliveries: lets you configure a delivery on the corresponding channel. Refer to the Cross-channel deliveries section.
  • Local approval: lets you perform approvals and targeting notifications within a distributed marketing context (optional module). Refer to Local approval.
  • Data loading (RDBMS): lets you access an external database to get data. Refer to the Data loading (RDBMS) section.
  • Loading (SOAP): allows you to collect data via an SOAP call. Refer to Loading (SOAP).
  • Data loading (file): lets you access an external data source to use its data. Refer to the Data loading (file) section.
  • Content management: lets you create or customize content. Refer to the Content Management section.
  • Extraction (file): lets you extract data from a table in a file. Refer to the Extraction (file) section.
  • SQL code and JavaScript code: executes the SQL script or JavaScript specified in the activity. Refer to SQL code and JavaScript code.
  • SQL Data Management: lets you write your own SQL queries to create and populate work tables. Refer to SQL Data Management.
  • nlserver module: starts an nlserver module with its arguments. Refer to Nlserver module.
  • Import and Export (v4 compatible): Import and export activities (v4 compatibility) let you import and export data using the template (import or export) specified in the activity.
  • Microsoft CRM, Salesforce, Oracle CRM On Demand: lets you connect Adobe Campaign specifically to one of the pre-configured CRMs. These activities are similar to the CRM connector presented in this section, with more specific options. In particular, you can choose the type of campaign to carry out for the synchronization.
  • Update aggregate: lets you select the aggregate update mode (full or partial). Refer to Update aggregate.

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