Deploying an ad-hoc email delivery template

Last update: 2023-09-22
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This video explains how to deploy an ad-hoc email delivery template and it explains the difference between an email delivery and a delivery workflow.


To deploy an ad hoc email delivery template, you can either select Email delivery from the Delivery tab or the Delivery activity from the Actions tab. Let’s review the main differences between the two email delivery activities. In the actions tab delivery activity you can load an email template from the Resources folder by selecting New, created from a template and then choosing the template you would like to use. You can then view and make changes to the template by clicking this magnifying glass icon. Now any changes will override the source email template. If you need to keep a copy of the source HTML in ACC and using this activity, you have to duplicate the email template in the deliveries folder before you proceed, if you’ve added proof recipients in the to sections of your email template. You can select Send a proof to enable proof send when executing the workflow. With this delivery activity, you cannot send proofs from the campaign dashboard. To dispatch the delivery to actual recipients, you need to check the Prepare and start box, then execute the workflow. This delivery template does not allow you to setup approvals. These would be enabled through the approval workflow activity or the campaign advance parameters Approvals tab. You can execute this delivery multiple times. If the sync creative needs to be reset, it will log a new delivery in the deliveries folder. In the Delivery tab email delivery activity, you can load an email delivery template from the resources folder. The editing is done from the deliveries folder rather than from the resources folder like the Actions tab delivery activity, so there is no risk in updating the source HTML using this activity. If you wish to enable approvals you can populate viewers in the email template, Properties approvals tab, as explained earlier. Send proofs navigate to the campaign dashboard, open the new delivery and clicking the Send a proof button at the top of this template. This delivery activity can only execute once, if you need to resend the same creative you need to configure a new delivery activity. For both delivery activity templates, it is also possible to add data extraction and dispatch scheduling specific to the delivery. This comes in handy if you have multiple large deliveries to dispatch at different times. You are now ready to execute an ad hoc email campaign by executing the campaign workflow using one of the proposed email delivery activities. -

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