Adding SSL certificates

Adobe Campaign Control Panel allows you to add SSL certificates to secure your subdomains.

Accessing Control Panel Subdomain Management

To access the Subdomain Management in Control Panel, go to:

Steps to add SSL certificates

Adding SSL certificates requires three steps:

1. Generate Certificate Signing Requests

The Certificate Signing Request (CSR) is required for the purchase of a SSL certificate. I needs to be generated for the instance and the subdomains you are planning to secure.

The video below describes how to generate a Certificate Signing Request in Control Panel.

Generate Certificate Signing Requests (02:36 min)

2. Purchase SSL Certificate

After obtaining the CSR, you will need to purchase the SSL certificate from a Certificate Authority approved by your organization.

3. Install SSL Certificates

Once you have obtained the SSL certificate it will need to be installed for the subdomains you are planning on securing.

The video below explains how to install SSL certificates in Control Panel.

Install SSL Certificates (01:25 min)

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